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Vacant Land for Sale

            Building lots and Recreational Land for Sale in

                         Eastern Ontario Canada            



Coe Hill

Wollaston Township

10 acres

wildnerness lot, no road access





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Tweed Ontario

1 acre undeveloped building lot

near the Black River



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50 Acres

Tweed (Elzevir Twp)

Remote wilderness abuting crown land.  no road access,  Access Hike over crown  


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Madoc Township

10 acres land for sale Hwy 62

north of Bannockburn




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Madoc 10 acres north of Bannockburn


15 acres rural lot to be severed

500 feet road frontage and pond at the back


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Trent Hills

13 acres between Hastings and Campbellford



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North Frontenac

24 acres on year round road



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85 acres north side of hwy7 abutting crown.





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Fitchett Road

Greater Napanee

12 acres building lot



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Tweed  Ontario

( Actinolite)

36 acres  with ponds and wetlands




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Beaver Creek

Marmora Ontario

6.71 acres with 355 feet frontage on Beaver Creek



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93 acres

in the heart of the Madawaska Highlands




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Black River

Tweed Ontario

8.4 acres wooded land with 553 feet frontage on the river



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Little Mink Lake

North Frontenac


1.1 acre seasonal recreational waterfront lot near Plevna.



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Elephant Lake


32 acres

boat access lot





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Grindstone Lake


North Frontenac


  affordable turn key cottage alternative



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Grindstone Lake Plevna, North Frontenac

697 Deloro Rd


5 bedroom country home on 2.67 acres



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Below are some of the vacant land listings that I have sold for sellers over the years in the the area.  Not listed are several others listed with other realtors that were purchased working as agent for the buyer




Addington Highlands

  • Skootamatta River 6.25 acres north of Flinton S O L D 2015    More Info

  • Skootamatta River off grid wood land cottage retreat S O L D 2015  More Info

  • Flinton Road 73 Acres S O L D 2014  More Info

  • Denbigh Little Finch Lake recreational lot   S O L D 2014 More Info

  • Flinton Hobby Farm                  S O L D 2014    More Info

  • Flinton 5 acres Building lot not far from Deerock Lake S O L D 2014 More Info

  • 25 Acres KaladarAbutting thousands of acres Crown land S O L D 2013 More Info

  • 45 Acres Kaladar Rugged wilderness with ATV access  S O L D 2013  More Info

  • Flinton Road 34 acres with and pond year round access  S O L D 2013More Info

  • Skootamatta river 2.17 acres over 1000 feet frontage on the S O L D   2013More Info

  • Skootamatta river 3 Bedroom home Flinton                   S O L D 2012

  •        Skootamatta river Flinton Church on deep village waterfront lot S O L D   2012    
  •         Kaladar Hunt camp    80 acres                                                    S O L D   2012    More Info
  • Skootamatta river 5+ Acresr Flinton                   S O L D 2011                   More

  • Flinton, Ontario, Building lot Addington Highlands  S O L D 2010    More Info

  • 275 Acres Hunt Camp Flinton      ,year round access SOLD 2010 More

  • Flinton Hunt Camp 181A next to thousands of acres crown SOLD 2009 More info



  • 50 Acres Bancroft next to thousands of acres Crown Land  SOLD 2009    More Info

Central Frontenac

  • Arden Trans Canada Trail  17 acres  S O L D  201 5        More Info
  • Arden Bordenwood Road 8 acres  pond view S O L D  2012     More Info
  • Salmon River Arden, Central Frontenac camping lot S O L D  2011    More  


Centre Hastings


  • 120 Acres Hunt Camp 10km n of Norwood S O L D  2011  More



  •  210 acres Hunt Camp S O L D 2015 More Info


  • St Ola Off grid Retreat Pioneer style log cabin  S O L D 2010      More  



  • Cabin in the woods 2 acre retreat Backing on to creek SOLD 2011   More Info

  • 25 Acres very remote property Madoc Township    SOLD Madoc_Acreage



  • Marmora      (Malone) Moira River 1.1 acre lot                S O L D 2015     More Info
  • Marmora (Malone) Moira River cottage                        S O L D 2015   More Info
  • Marmora  Ontario 6.4 acres small lake seasonal access   S O L D 2012       more info
  • Marmora Ontario Riverside Pines 2 acre building lot S O L D 2012    More Info
  • Marmora Ontario Building lot   accross the road from Crowe Lake S O L D 2011   More Info
  • Marmora Ontario, Building lot 1..73 acr             S O L D 2010  More Info   
  • Marmora one acre Building lot Beaver Creek Road   SOLD 2009 More Info
  • 29 Acres Marmora, Ontario close to Crowe Lake   SOLD More
  • 50 Acres Marmora and Lake       More    SOLD
  • 100 acres remote access Marmora Ontario More SOLD
  • 100 Acres Marmora remote wildnerness      SOLD More Info
  • Marmora Ontario, Building Lot in Riverside Pines   More   SOLD
  • Marmora Ontario paved Centre line Rd 1.8 acres                   SOLD



  • Moira River 3 acres Building lot for year round home or cottage    SOLD  More Info
  • Rawdon Township 50 acres +28ft trailer     More   SOLD
  • Rawdon Township Hunt Camp 50 acres with Cabin            SOLD             More Info
  • Rhylstone Lake,Stirling-Rawdon t backing on to park on the Crowe River system      SOLD More
  • 24+ Acres Springbrook Road Stirling-Rawdon    S O  L D  More Information

North Frontenac

  • Mississippi River 37 acres      S O L D 20 1 5    More Info
  • Wintergreen Road 9.6 acres    S O L D 20 1 5   More Info
  • 24 acres Buckshot Lake Rd   S O L D 20 1 5    More Info
  • Hill Lake waterfront lot               S O L D 20 1 5               More Info
  • Cloyne Church Minutes from Bon Echo park S O L D 2013 


  • 105 acres with home Flinton Rd                   S O L D 2016                  
  • 100 acres biutting crown, no road                  S O L D 2016                 more info  
  • Skootamatta River vacant land                                   S O L D 2016     More Info
  • Flinton Rd 1 acre vacant land                                     S O L D 2015          More Info     
  • Queensborough 187 acres recreational wilderness  S O L D 2015    More Info
  • Queensborough  building lot near the Black River S O L D 2015  More Info
  • 20 acres Elzevir no road access           S O L D 2015    More Info
  • 50 Acres Elzevir no road access         S O L D 2014             More Info
  • Moira Lake Cottage                                    S O L D 2014    More Info
  • Skootamatta River Upper Flinton Road        S O L D 2014    More Info
  • Elzevir Road 4 Bedroom Home  S O L D 2014   
  • Black River  Queensborough building lot   S O L D 2014     More Info
  • Tweed Ontario 100 acreswith seasonal trail Flinton Road S O L D 2014 More Info
  • Skootamatta River building lot  north of Tweed S O L D 2014 More Info
  • 100 Acres East of Queensborough camping or hunting S O L D  2013 More Info
  • Black River ( Tweed) 6.92  acres  Boat access waterfront lot S O L D  2012    More Info
  • Elzevir Rd 7.5 acres with pond 3 +1 bedroom Bungalow   S O L D 2012
  • Flinton Rd acrage with pond  next to crown land S O L D 2012  More Info
  • Moneymore Road 370 acres  S O L D 2012    More Information
  • Elzevir 100 acres no road access    S O L D 2011  |More Info
  • 100 Acres Near Queensborough Tweed Ontario S O L D 2011    More Info
  • 100 Acres Elzevir (Tweed) vacant land   no road access S O L D 2011       More Info
  • 73 Acres  vacant land Wilderness Elzevir No Road access More  SOLD 2010
  • 100 Acres extremley remote wilderness Elzevir no road access  SOLD 2009 More
  • 100 Acres Elzevir,Tweed Ontario ,East of Queensborough   More SOLD 2008
  • 50 Acres Tweed Elzevir Township SOLD 2006 More
  • Elzevir remote acreage no road access       50 acres         More   SOLD 2006
  • 100 Acres Elzevir, Tweed Ontario Next to 1000+ acres crown land       More        SOLD
  • Skootamatta River camp site, Tweed Ontario   more info SOLD
  • Black River, Tweed Ontario Secluded waterfront retreat property. Almost 5 acres . Boat access from Black River Road   SOLD   More
  • 100 acres Near Elzevir Road Elzevir Township, Tweed Ontario         More    SOLD
  • 75 Acres Tweed  Elzevir Township SOLD More
  • 98 Acres next to crown land Elzevir, Tweed Ontario Flinton Road . SOLD              More
  • 175 acres Elzevir.Flinton Road, yearround access. Abutts Crown Land     SOLD More  
  • Building lot between Madoc and Tweed 1.8 acre on paved road ,    SOLD                More
  • Moira River, Tweed Ontarioe on this back lot with deeded river access. SOLDMore
  • 100 acres Queensborough Creek Elzevir seasonal trail access SOLD 2009 More Info
  • Moira River Tweed Ontario, 30 acres south of Stocco Lake SOLD   More Info
  • 8.2 Acre rural lot with deeded access to the Black River. Includes a 2 acre pond and abuts 200 acres Quinte Conservation Forest  SOLD More
  • 100 acres west of Flinton Road Elzevir Tweed Ontario seasonal trail access  SOLD More
  • 100 Acres Elzevir Township, north of Tweed More Details      SOLD
  • 200 acres Vacant land Marlbank, Municipality of Tweed S O L D   More Inf
  • Actinolite 4 acres with driveway and drilled well, year round road  S O L D     More Info
  • Moira River,30 acres recreational Camping!  Hunting! Fishing! SOLD      More
  • 21 acres Flinton Road year round access Elzevir, Tweed Ontario         More   SOLD


Trent Hlls

  • Lakeview Drive 1 acre building lot acess to Lake Seymour   S O L D  2014   More Info
  • Lakeview Drive 1 acre building lot acess to Lake Seymour   S O L D  2012 More Info
  • 1.25 acres cul de sac close to Lake Seymour        S O L D 2012 More Info
  • 1.24 acre back lot access to Lake Seymour       S O L D 2012 more info
  • Lake Seymour, Trent Hills   Lake Rd              SOLD       More
  • Lake Seymour, Trent Hills  Lake Rd    Lake_Seymour  SOLD
  • Warkworth,Rural Building Lot  quiet cul de sac north of Warkworth  More  SOLD


  • 25 acres recreational land north of Pine View Ridge Lane S O L D 201 6   More Info
  • 50 Acres next to crown ATV access  S O L D 201 4   More Info
  • Cleveland Road 25 acres  S O L D 2010    More Info






















































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